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Informations about ms tnef 

Pronounced tee-neff, and short for Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format, a proprietary format used by the Microsoft Exchange and Outlook e-mail clients when sending messages formatted as Rich Text Format (RTF). When Microsoft Exchange thinks that it is sending a message to another Microsoft e-mail client, it extracts all the formatting information and encodes it in a special TNEF block. It then sends the message in two parts - the text message with the formatting removed and the formatting instructions in the TNEF block. On the receiving side, a Microsoft e-mail client processes the TNEF block and re-formats the message. Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook use it to store fileattachments too and not only to handle special Outlook things like sending appointments back and forth. Read Microsofts "technical support" paper and Wikipedia article for additional informations.
win 2 tnef Unfortunately, they made it so hard to turn off this format that not one in a hundred Outlook users can do it. So we have to put up with getting useless attachments or use an extra tool to extract the informations.

tnef2win is used to extract attached documents from MSTNEF formated attachments.

The unlimited version (v1.07) of tnef2win can be downloaded here for free.

Releaseinfo: Version 1.07 Progressbar, Bugfixes, detailed informations

Released 10/2007

TNEF2Win Version 1.07

486 KByte

TNEF2Win Version 1.04

157 KByte

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peso Thank you for your interrest in tnef2win. You can download and use tnef2win free of charge. TNef2Win is free, but please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have an idear to make tnef2win better.
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