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    Frank Petersen Softwareentwicklung

How to search the web!

For the top searching field:

Use a + immediately before words which must be included. +metallica
Use a - immediately before words which must be excluded. -country
Place words which must appear together in quotation marks. "Brian Adams"

For boolean searching on advanced search page:

Use AND between words that must be included. Sex AND Pistols
Use OR if one of your words must be included. Guns OR guns
Use NOT if your word must NOT be included. NOT German
Use AND NOT with multiple words if your next word must NOT be included. Guns AND NOT Pistols
Use NEAR between words which must be within 10 words of each other. Pistols NEAR music
Use PARENTHESES around a phrase or group of words that must occur together. (sex pistols) OR (guns roses)

For more information consult the helppages for simple and advanced search.

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